Women Are Different Than Men

Women Are Different Than Men

It is a known fact that women are different than men. We have different thoughts, different features and different needs. We need to be flattered, worshiped and to be fed grapes by a beautifully chiseled man-servant named Paulo. Well, not really, but it is a nice picture. To prove my point, have you ever tried to wear your boyfriends or husbands clothes? They may be comfortable for lounging around the house, spring-cleaning, or doing Jazzercise in the living room; but for the most part they are big, bulky and no matter how many times you wash them, that weird beer and hot-wing smell never seems to go away. If we don’t wear the same clothes as they do, why would we want to wear the same types of gun holsters?

We have all been there. We buy a torso holster that looks great when we are standing but as soon as we sit down we magically develop those weirdly unflattering blobs where the holster decided to give out, curl up and position itself right were those extra doughnuts and a scoops of ice-cream decided to settle. Or, an even better product…the thigh holster! Ha!

Seems like a good idea. We think, “I will be able to wear this with my new dress and no one will even know.” Lies! We order one, take it out of the box and discover we need a booklet of instructions to figure out how to strap it together. There is also the possibility of finding the “I have been designed by a male committee to look super sexy” thigh holster. It slides up your leg with great ease and looks super fancy with its cute little ribbons and sparkly gemstones, but wait… You begin to walk to your car to go to work… make it past the fridge and the next thing you know, the weight of your .38 has pulled the holster down around your ankle and you are now playing soccer with your expensive firearm.

The best part of all is when you FINALLY find the holster “made by women”, the website fails to mention it was made to fit a by a 5’9, 120 pound super-model.  The Large bodysuit you ordered looks like it will barely fit your 7 year-old daughter. As you read this you are probably thinking, “What makes this product so much better?”

Simple, it is because I have been there. Starting as a size ^%^$%#% and transforming into a size 4, I needed a holster that would be there for the long run. Gunpowder and Lace Holsters have been designed to fit a real woman, not a mannequin or a man. They provide support where we need it, enhance what our mama’s gave us and allow us to discretely carry our gun of choice.

We have products ranging from versatile tank tops to lingerie and bodysuits. Available in super-duty and lite support, they fit every shape and size. I proudly stand behind all of our Concealed Carry clothing because if you feel sexy on the inside, you will be sexy on the outside.

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